कृषि कानून वापसी : चारों तरफ से घिरा भे‍ड़ि‍या फिर भेड़ की खोल में आने को बेताब

कृषि कानून वापस लेने की घोषणा पर एक त्वरित प्रतिक्रिया : संपादक मंडल, यथार्थ | चारों तरफ से घिरा भे‍ड़ि‍या एक बार फिर भेड़ की खोल में आने को बेताब ; साम्प्रदायिक साजिशों से खबरदार और आपस की एकजुटता को बनाये रखें; "आंदोलन की मार" और "चुनावी हार" की भाषा समझने वाले वाले फासिस्टों को यूपी में हराने के लिये पूरी ताकत लगाएं;

Protest Demonstration during All India Chakka Jam on 6 Feb 2021 [Patna, Bihar]

Demonstration at Patna Bypass 90 Feet Road led by IFTU (Sarwahara) with the participation of PDYF, Vimukta, Nirmaan Mazdoor Sangharsh Union and Mahila Kamgar Sangharsh Union #FarmersProtest #WorkersFarmersUnity #AllIndiaChakkaJam #ScrapFarmLaws #ScrapLabourCodes The protesters, numbered around 100, first organized a 2-hour long demonstration in Kankarbagh and then reached Bypass.Although all other organizations had given the call... Continue Reading →

Delhi Citizens in Solidarity with Struggling Farmers [3 Feb 2021]

Mandi House, Delhi : Citizens Demonstration at Mandi House in solidarity with struggling farmers and against state repression on protesters, activists and journalists.A march was originally planned but when the masses started to cross the police barricades, the police retaliated aggressively. Thereafter, the protesters started an energetic demonstration on the spot amidst heavy police deployment... Continue Reading →

Human Chain in Solidarity with Ongoing Farmers Movement [Patna, 30 Jan 2021]

On the call of Mahagathbandhan parties, human chain was set up throughout Bihar from 12:30 pm to 1 pm, in which Sarwahara Jan Morcha also participated near Radio Station, Patna. // Roll back all 3 anti-people pro-corporate farm laws! बिहार के भिन्न जिलों में महागठबंधन के दलों के आह्वान पर मानव श्रृंखला आयोजित की गई,... Continue Reading →

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