Farmers Movement and Majdoor Jan-Jaagran Abhiyan in Patna [26 Jan-5 Feb 2021]

Mass meetings, demonstrations and rallies held at various labour chowks and workers’ colonies in Patna from 26th January to 5th February 2021 on the new farm laws as part of workers mass awareness campaign.

// Purchase of whole agricultural produce can be guaranteed only by a working class state with farmers’ participation!
// Ruin of toiling farmers is the product of capitalist farming, freedom from which can only be possible on the path of a proletarian state of toilers!

Nirmaan Mazdoor Sangharsh Union
Mahila Kamgar Sangharsh Union
[Affiliated to: IFTU (Sarwahara)]

26 Jan 2021 : Malahi Pakdi labour chowk

27 Jan 2021 : Bhattacharya Mod labour chowk

28 Jan 2021 : Ramkrishna Nagar labour chowk

1 Feb 2021 : Hanuman Nagar area

4 Feb 2021 : Bhikhna Pahadi labour chowk

5 Feb 2021 : Munnachak and Hanuman Nagar labour chowks

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