Red Salute to the Departed Comrade Mahendra Prasad Chouhan!

A disheartening and detrimental news…

Mahendra Prasad Chouhan, one of our leading comrades in the Jhanjra (Raniganj, ECL) MIC Colliery since the last 25 years and a member of the Jhanjra-Laadua party committee and also the Assistant Secretary of the Central Committee of Khan Mazdoor-Karmchaari Union, passed away on 30th September 2020 due to a car accident. He was also a Central Committee member of the Indian Federation of Trade Unions (Sarwahara). His sudden demise has brought upon the Party and the Union, and upon the coal mine workers, especially those of MIC, a tremendous loss.

He was 48 years old. Three days ago, in Hasdia (Jharkhand area), he had faced severe injuries in a horrific car accident. His stomach, chest and lungs had received multiple serious wounds, after which he was brought to Durgapur under very dire conditions. Only yesterday, he underwent a lungs operation which unfortunately couldn’t be successful.

The Central Committee of the Party presents an emotional tribute and its red salute to the departed Comrade Mahendra Chouhan and also extends its sympathetic solidarity to his bereaved family. On this saddening occasion, the Central Committee resolves that, with the help of the Party’s State and Local Committees, it will immediately take every possible step to compensate the damage dealt due to his sudden demise. He will forever live on in our memories and in the forthcoming struggles as a comrade who was lively, cheerful, militant, always willing to help, and who continuously perturbed the anti-worker management with his wit and tricks.

Red Salute to Comrade Mahendra Chouhan!
Long Live Comrade Mahendra Chouhan!!

Ajay Sinha
General Secretary,
Proletarian Reorganizing Committee, CPI (ML)

30th September 2020

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