Condemn Delhi Police’s Attempt to Falsely Implicate Sitaram Yechury, Apoorvanand et al! Immediately Release Umar Khalid! : PRC, CPI (ML)

15th September 2020

PRC, CPI (ML) strongly condemns the Delhi Police’s attempt to falsely implicate CPI (M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury along with Prof. Jayati Ghosh, Swaraj Abhiyan National Convenor Yogendra Yadav, Prof. Apoorvanand and documentary filmmaker Rahul Roy in February Delhi Riot Conspiracy Case. PRC also condemns the arrest of Umar Khalid on concocted and false grounds under UAPA and demands his immediate release.

Though Delhi Police seems to have come on back foot over the issue of supplementary charge sheet in Delhi Riot conspiracy case implicating Sitaram Yechury and et al, at least temporarily for now, yet this has clearly indicated the dirtiest intentions of the Central Government led by RSS’s men, Modi and Amit Shah duo, to crack down heavily on all those who dissent or try to oppose the government’s imposition of anti-people policies, whether it is NRC-CAA or other pro-corporate policies. Now, when Delhi Police is denying this, though tactically, the Central Home Ministry owes a statement to the whole nation clarifying the entire situation in this regard.

However, it does not come as a matter of surprise for us and also those who for the last 6 years have been characterising this Modi Government as a fascist one working to capture the State from within using its power and prowess owing to having itself firmly placed in the driving seat of the bourgeois State Power twice in a row. After winning State power successively for the second time through elections in 2019 with even greater number of Lok Sabha seats (303), it has now come on the verge of establishing a fascist dictatorship. It has already taken over all the institutions responsible for establishing the ‘rule of law’ as enshrined in a bourgeois democracy which in itself is also a veiled and indirect dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. And now, having almost established direct and open bourgeois dictatorship, Modi Government can do anything it wishes to do. There would be virtually no challenge coming from within the State. Any challenge, if it comes at all, will come from outside riding on the crest of the mass movement. Otherwise there is no way to resists it. Progressive, democratic and revolutionary sections along with those sections of the masses who are being oppressed have to suffer and bear the brunt till then. The blatant and unprecedented attempt to arrest even the likes of comrade Yechury and Yogendra Yadav, who have faithfully served the bourgeoisie and the bourgeois constitution, is just a pointer to this. But, there is a doubt that even after this they won’t wake up to the necessity of doing away with the rule of the bourgeoisie. This task is to be solely completed and fulfilled by the toilers and the proletariat of our country despite them. This is the reality.

This type of blatantly open and shameless act on the part of Delhi Police is nothing but an indication of the growing restlessness of the ruling fascist dispensation in the wake of continuously growing disenchantment of the common masses particularly the youth from the Modi rule.

We know that the Indian bourgeois economy is in deep economic crisis whose burden has been thrown upon the common masses while corporate capitalists have hugely benefitted even from this Covid-19 induced crisis turning it into an opportunity with the assistance of the Modi government. Modi government is resorting to cheap selling of the PSUs to these corporates. Poor peasants are dying or committing suicides owing to heavy debt and unprecedented ruin. Youth have come out to protest against privatization which has led to unemployment on an unprecedented scale. Workers and toilers are undoubtedly the worst hit, but middle and lower middle classes are also badly affected by this crisis. More than 90% MSMEs are ruined or finished. Small businessmen are also committing suicides due to this. There are now no single strata of common masses and people, whether belonging to urban or rural India, which is not enraged by the policies and the rule of Modi Government. Even after being incessantly hit by the pandemic, they have seen no government help coming for them. Much touted and highlighted 20 lakh crore package has all gone in the pockets of corporate and big businessmen. Unemployment is soaring high and high, while GDP rate has sunk to the bottom of the sea. The bourgeois experts have also said that that any respite from this is unlikely even after two years.

Media has been taken over and is busy in falsely praising Modi and trying to cover up its failure. Even an extremely sensitive issue like tension on the border with China is being dealt with sheer irresponsibility. Jingoism & ultra-aggressive nationalism are being played out causing an already complicated situation to become all the more precarious. It is being done just to cover the utter failures of the Modi government in proper tackling of the border issue as well as in handling the crisis on the economic front.

The growing loss of faith for Modi’s rule can be seen in this that Modi’s birthday (17th September) is going to be observed as the National Unemployment Day by the youth and common masses of the country.

It is, therefore, no surprise that Modi Government is extremely furious and disturbed at seeing people come out in open protest. And it is for this reason that now Modi wants to utilize its iron hold on the state machinery against all those who raise, can raise and are known to have been continuously raising their voices against Modi’s misrule and his completely communal and fascist government. The abovementioned attempt to falsely implicate public figures such as Sitaram Yechury in the Delhi riot conspiracy case is an ample evidence to show what is in store for the countrymen, whether pro-Modi or anti-Modi, when they dare to protest against Modi’s Government’s gross injustices being meted out to them as well as to the whole of the countrymen.

It is especially noteworthy the Modi government is facing a real danger of a spontaneous mass upsurge and public protest on national level as people from every walk of life have been ruined economically in just the past 6 years under Modi’s rule. To pre-empt this, it is but natural that Modi Government is hell bent upon implicating the tallest leaders and public figures i.e. all those who it feels can play a pivotal role and hence are taken as potential threat to its rule. It actually makes no difference to Modi Government that Sitaram Yechury or Yogendra Yadav are in essence no danger to the bourgeois rule, even though they are against Modi government. They just want a status quo by trying to defend the bourgeois democracy that they worship. This is their politics. Their opposition to Modi’s rule is limited to resumption of the old order and nothing more. Even then also, Modi’s rule would not like to spare them. We have seen how Prof. Apoorvanand attacked Lenin by portraying him as an enemy of democracy. Even this trick could not save him from the ire of the Modi’s rule.  This is a lesson for all those renegades, revisionists and detractors of the working class and Marxism-Leninism who think that by abusing the great teachers of the proletariat and deviating towards the bourgeoisie in politics they can entice the fascists and be saved. In India, such people have served the bourgeois rule for all these decades, even accepted to do so from within whenever bourgeoisie needed their services. but, still they are being targeted for the simple reason that when capitalism decays into fascism there is no room left for accommodating even the likes of them i.e. the revisionists. Even the centrist-liberal leaders and open or veiled apologists of liberal bourgeoisie and bourgeois democracy won’t have any room for accommodation after the establishment of a fascist dictatorship. There is no middle liberal path left open now.

The crack down on such public figures also corroborates the fact that the Modi government is inching closer and closer towards completing their agenda of establishing fascist rule in India.

The rise in public discontent and anger has made the situation all the more precarious for Modi. PRC believes that Fascism in India will soon see its doom. People are rising and also activists are now more than ever before determined and ready to face all the threats including those of being jailed, tortured and killed.

The permanent global economic crisis is forcing the fascist government to shed even the last shreds of the veil of bourgeois democracy in order to allow the unhindered loot of our country’s resources by the big bourgeoisie in the face of the rising mass outcry. Hence, taking into account the present acts of intensified repression that Modi government is resorting to it is safe to say that more number of people will get are getting enlightened everyday by all such repressive steps. Fascists are becoming more and more restless in the wake of the rising people’s protests. It is therefore important to keep our moral high and launch an overall fight from all corners against such blatant attacks.

PRC, CPI (ML) therefore appeals to all justice loving people and progressive sections of the society to urgently understand the need of a united struggle and demand an immediate end to all such madness on the part of the Modi’s Government, stop repression and release all those political prisoners  who have been jailed without any evidence of a crime and who are languishing in jail without trial for more than two years now. We also urge one and all of the progressive and democratic sections of the country to together join hands in organising the toilers and working class in order to launch a powerful democratic movement so that the present scenario is changed and democratic rights of dissent and protest are secured.

Ajay Sinha
General Secretary
Proletarian Reorganizing Committee, CPI (ML)

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