Red Salute to Comrade Jaswant Rao!

Red Salute to Comrade Jaswant Rao!

We have just come to know that Comrade Jaswant Rao, a leading Central Committee member of CPI ML [Class Struggle] and the Editor of its central organs ‘Class Struggle’ and ‘Janshakti’ (Telugu), has today passed away.

It is a tragic moment. We came to know that a week ago, he was admitted to a hospital after testing Covid-19 positive. Today (27th August 2020) at about 8 pm, he breathed his last. He was an old comrade and, as a leading member of CPI ML [Class Struggle], served the revolutionary movement for a long time.

PRC, CPI (ML) extends revolutionary salute to the departed Comrade and our heart felt condolences to the CC of the CPI ML [Class Struggle].

Ajay Sinha

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