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The number of Covid-19 infected persons is on steep rise now and shows no sign of receding even after 5 months. The number may cross 20 lakhs Mark by the time the fourth issue of The Truth appears again on 1st August. India has thus become the third country after the USA and Brazil in numbers of covid-19 patients. The number of those who have died of Covid-19 related complications has also risen to more than 36 thousand showing an upward trend that indicates rapid increase in near future. More number of states such as Bihar and UP have become new Covid-19 hotspots. Specially in Bihar and UP, the situation is alarming. Still Modi Government claims and Godi media propagates that India has done better for the people than most other countries in the world. Only fascists can have such a thick skin! Only a fascist government can show such temerity to its own electorate without fearing the consequences.  

A clueless and optionless Modi government?

Where Modi government ought to have ramped up testing and tracing along with increasing other medical facilities and care on as large scale as possible, surprisingly showing utter neglect it has left people on their own to fence off themselves and save their life on there own. This is how Atmanirbhar Bharat is being realized and shaped! It is being so portrayed that the government is naturally powerless and can’t do more. It tries to make the people believe as if the government is innocent. Even such foolish things are being propagated among poor religious people that only God has so disposed for the humanity. Only thus has a natural disaster been turned into a man-made disaster and even then the Government claims it has done the best it could. It is, however, simply horrible to so imagine for an elected government to act like this. Not only the government, but the judiciary has also shown disinterest to peoples owes in these special times. The highest court of the land turned his face away while people’s lives continue to perish. Rather, it has tried to silence those like Prashant Bhushan who have shown on multiple occasions courage to raise finger and brought to notice of the the Supreme Court its own soemn responsibility. Only a fascist state that has enamored the people at large with its arch reactionary mass propaganda (communally charged nationalistic campaign) can take people granted so flagrantly as this in the times of such a pandemic.  

Modi government has donned cluelessness, though it is not clueless. How can a country’s government, a government of a country like Inida as big as a continent and presiding over so much of material capacity and scientific abilities be clueless, unless it has deliberately to be do and diverted its resources towards those other than people i.e. serving the interests of the vested interests of the minority ruling clique of the big bourgeoisie. This stance, a criminal one, is not hidden, as Modi having dumped the masses speechless by having their minds poisoned with communalism doesn’t believe in concealing his sins. His penchant love for big bourgeoisie and imperialists is quite above board. This can be seen in the rise of Ambani’s position (Mukesh Ambani has cracked 5th position) in the list of world’s ten richest persons. Every Modi’s big capitalist friend has made big fortunes during this calamity. It is only the common people who have heavily suffered and are still suffering on account of losing their already meager sources of livelihood during this pandemic.

Modi Government thus only pretends to have run out of options. The most visible option are still to be grabbed, if it so wants. It could have taken over all the big private hospitals of the country, levied the corporate to fund the hospitals, particularly the government’s hospitals, to enhance their capacities, unleash people’s initiative in all these to immediately install new medical capacities and facilities that are needed for the treatment of Covid and non-Covid patients. The owners could have resisted. It is natural. But it wasn’t too difficult to handle this, had the Modi government wanted to stave off resistance that may have come from the owners or any other quarter. These are options to name just just a few. But instead of doing this, on the contrary, it has levied 18 percent GST on sanitisers and increased taxes on all other essential items that people now use to keep the virus away or do away with the chances of contracting Covid-19 infections. This is simply inhuman and criminal for an selected goverment. People don’t know where is PM Cares fund is being utilized.

On the other hand, price rise has been skyrocketing all the way through this pandemic which cost the people their livelihood. The main reason is that the petrol and diesel prices have been soaring high and high in spite of continuous fall of its prices in the international market. It has therefore clearly and deliberately  shun all plans that cold have possible worked upon to save the life of Covid-19 patients or at least to stop the spread of Covid-19 infection. It doesn’t seems to be Modi’s priority. His priorities are different and they are visible, namely, construction of Mandir at Ayodhya, toppling Congress led State governments, anyhow winning the upcoming State Assembly elections in Bihar and Bengal, selling PSUs to his Indian and foreign big bourgeoisie friends (read masters), launching attacks on working class in the form of amendments in various labour laws or suspending them for years in detriment to the interests of the working class unorganized and organized both and finally arresting intellectuals who raise their voice against human rights violations or in favor of people’s rights and interests. In the long list of those who have been for two years languishing in jails as under trials has been added another name, an associate profession of English in Delhi University Dr Hany Babu MT. The story is the same. NIA has implicated him charging with being an accomplice in the same infamous Bhima Kore gaon violence and conspiracy case. The fact is however that the only violence and conspiracy that people could see in Bhima Koregaon was the violence unleashed on Dalits in the leadership of Bhinde and Ekbote, both the darling of the Modi Government. It is but natural that government and the NIA seem to have no interest in them for the aim is not to catch and punish the real culprits but to use it as pretext to unleash attack on those intellectuals who the Modi Government feels are potential threat to his unfettered fascist rule. Any prestigious intellectual who has also the courage to fight for democratic and human rights of the poor, the workers and all those who fight for them and raise fingers on the governments, expose the fascists plans and rouse the people either with his poems, literature, legal intellectual prowess and hard work are now being targeted. With the reactionary and extremely poisonous mass campaign on and around Hindu-Muslim hate rhetoric, it has paid huge dividend in terms of blunting of people’s mind and response to a completely  thankless government that is also totally anti-people.

What is visible in all these? What makes the sense of all these?

Modi himself, even personally, now does not seem to even bother for his ‘own’ people, let alone Covid-19 related common people’s woes. Like a true reactionary, he even doesn’t seem to fear or worried for the loss of confidence of its own support base, to be precise. He seems to have stopped worrying even about the middle-cum-upper class people, his puppet and most trusted followers. He is also now least interested in addressing the lower middle class or petty bourgeoisie, let alone the poor, working class and peasantry who have been on his target from the very beginning. We find that even the people of his own support base also often don’t find proper medical care now for Covid-19 infections or other serious illness, due to Covid-19 pandemic and a good number of them are dying due to lack of beds in hospitals. They also have become Atmanirbhar common people without hospital fascilities. Even junior or middle level ruling BJP party leaders are also at the receiving end of this shameful saga of continuous perpetration of utter neglect and lack of proper medical care that seems to have been reserved for a small coterie of his friends and masters who are either super rich or top indispensible politician. All others have been reduced to Atmanirbhar common people.  

Even if we forget, for the moment, other things, this in itself is a confirmation that victory of Modi led fascist rule is more than imminent and in essence already in place and well established. That’s why he doesn’t fear now even ‘his own’ people’s rage. It also indicates that he even doesn’t bother now for any possibility of loss of votes in coming 2024-elections, if it really so happens to be held. What is this? This is a symptom, a kind of a body language like that of an arrogant fascist ruler and an indication that proves that Modi-Amit Shah duo-led fascist rule is already well established in essence, its bloody  tentacles well entrenched and ‘democracy’ well under their feet with its veil though still hanging with a very thin thread that can be snapped at will and plucked at anytime.

Initially, he respected or needed to respect his support base. He at least needed to pretend to respect and do something for his youth support base. Now he doesn’t need to enchant them with his old pet issues and style. Gradually, he seems to have come out of this compulsion, too. For future it shows he likes to depend on state machinery including judiciary that now completely and silently plays to his tune. We can clearly see the latest trajectory of the rise of Modi’s fascist rule here in India. It tells us about the artifice of the fascists who have shown they are very clever and expert in turning bourgeois democracy from within into a fascist state. They have well demonstrated this in 6 years. Looking back, its whole trajectory or path is easily traceable. First, with a large aggressive mass base and his shrewd communalised nationalistic campaign combined with populism based on false promises (Achchhe din, two crores jobs per year, 15 lakhs in everyone’s bank account, doubling the peasants’ income etc) as well as his newly built up image of a great Savior and an Avtaar for the sake of the country men (read Hindus), he thrust himself right on the top. With this, he bullied the State machineries (of course, the judiciary, too), got the State personnel with tactics of carrot and stick to toe what his government thinks or does and fall in line. Thus the institutions were first manipulated and later captured, and now after his second thumping win in 2019, with the help of the State machineries, he is ready and prepared to bully his own support base if they are to become opponent and come on the roads against his governments. He has also carved out of his support base a very strong contingent of paid supporters turned goons with the help of RSS and its affiliates that can now act and are acting as a fascist militia and are entrenched all over from mass media to every walk of life. What is apparent now is that the Modi government is readying for the final make over. It is readying to act with the same vengeance even when even his support base people in spite of all the poisoning of their minds raise their head against him and his rule. With this trajectory of rising fascism and tightening of fascist hold on erstwhile ‘independent’ State machineries or on the erstwhile ‘democratic institutions’, the TV channels and majority of print media are naturally more openly tied to him and his rule faithfully serving them by propagating their agenda more efficiently, and of course, more nakedly.

Let us also see what is happening in the opposition bourgeois camp. So far as containing the menace of Covid-19, all the governments have opted for herd immunity mechanical to deal with Covid-19 pandemic even if it means death of thousands, lakhs or even crores of people. This will certainly be the reality if this criminal neglect being perpetrated today continues unabated. Most of the opposition parties are united with BJP on this important question or issue. They all are ready to accept the death toll of lakhs before here immunity is achieve. On the other hand, they all, from top to bottom corrupt as they are, have been tamed by Modi Government successfully by using CBI, ED and other government agencies. For the same reason, they aren’t even crying loudly even when the Modi government has clearly said it won’t give their share of GST. They are not even pressing for the session of Parliament, while Modi government is ruling the country by thrusting cabinet decrees and ordinances upon the people in the whole country. Now, it seems, even the need of ordinance will be finished shortly in future. Whatever the people attached with Modi-Shah clique duo say will become the law.  Just a few hurdles here and there are remaining. Though this has already become the practice on the ground. Parliament has already become irrelevant for the opposition parties as well as the common people. The Supreme Court looks nowhere around in action to save the bourgeois constitution, although everything is happening openly and blatantly. The indiscriminate arresting of those who raised voice have sent chilling shivers to all. Hope, if there is any, now lies on the revolutionary forces only, but they are also not proving equal to the task primarily due to their being fragmented on issues or differences that are serious as well as petty. The working class is still to become revolutionary. It is still suffering with old difficulties of opportunist trade unionism based on concession and privilege. ‘Left’ parties are raising their voices only too meekly. The organised and advance working class, otherwise the bulwark of the working class movement but organized as they are under the trade union federation of the revisionist left, find no other options than to be carried along their abjectly surrendering line of least resistance to the bourgeois state and bourgroisie, thanks to the serious lack or absence of big enough intervention from a badly fragmented revolutionary left. Bourgeois parties and judiciary are no longer in a position to pose challenge to the fascists. No, in no way. Today’s Supreme court is rather ominously rallied along the wishes of the present fascist dispensation at the centre. The modi Government is thus looks well set for fulfilling their long cherished agenda of Hindu Rashtra, the Indian variant of fascism. Now though their own people, Modi and Amit Shah have petitioned in the Supreme Court to remove the word ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ from the constitution that were effected by the 42nd constitutional amendment.     

Having so decided to leave the people to die or live, whichever they can afford according to their economic ability, Modi government has got busy in inaugurating construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya next month with the sole aim of trying to once again mobilize people and rouse their emotions on religious emotional issue and thus whip up communalism to poison the atmosphere and get people’s attention diverted away from Covid-19 related management failure and particularly from the unprecedented rise in unemployment and poverty leading to extreme difficult situation for the common people and to his own favour. Modi knows that a part of his support base is annoyed at the neglect being shown in fighting Covid-19 and may go against him on building Ram Temple in such a situation that will cost thousands of crores, yet he is ready to take this risk. He knows his priorities well and at the same time not worried even if a tiny section of his support base or bhakts get disenchanted and go away from him. With the whole state machinery in his control he must seldom fear now. Now Rafael based nationalismis another ploy with which they can be brought back in the fold. TV channels are already at work.

It is at the same time busy with madness in toppling elected congress-led state governments in different states. Last time it did in Madhya Pradesh just on the eve of lock down, recently the effort is on in Rajasthan which is about to be successful, while Maharashtra is on the card. Most of the opposition parties, except a few including Congress and TMC, particularly Rahul Gandhi and Mamta Banerjee who are still vociferously attacking Modi, have been silenced and have fallen in line. Even Lalu’s RJD is said to have been roped in through clandestine channels. Though Mamta Banernee and Rahul Gandhi are still at large and vocal in opposing Modi, ruling big bourgeoisie and imperialist forces are in no way looking in favour, and we know without their support, there is no way to topple the Modi regime, neither through parliamentary means nor through other clandestine methods. In Bihar, Nitish Kumar has no option but to remain with BJP even though there is tough tussle going on inside the corridor. On the whole the central government machinery is single-mindedly working day and night in collusion with the BJP to plan for any how registering single handed victories in Bihar and Bengal elections so that any potential challenge from the bourgeois opposition is finished before stepping up final assault on democratic rights, democracy and communists. Till then, there is no problem allowing the veil of democracy hanging and flirting just with the wind.  

February 2020 Delhi riots: Isn’t demand of justice a crime now, a new law? 

In terms of scale of violence and complicity of police and civil administration, February 2020 Delhi riots are no where around 2002 Gujarat pogrom and genocide. Nonetheless, it is a qualitative jump and must be deeply analysed to sum up the trajectory of rise of fascism in quite recent times. The qualitative jump lies in and can be traced while analysing post-riot police actions. The same qualitative jump can be seen in Bhima Koregano case, too. But it was then in embryonic form. Now if one analyse what happened and is still happening in terms of police actions in the name of investigation after the riots and then reflect upon what is happening in Bhima Koregano case, then the above mentioned qualitative jump in comparison to 2002 Gujarat pogram can be easily seen and understood. Let us discuss in the light of the Minority committee fact finding Report that has recently come. The fact finding committee was constituted with a mandate, among others, to also investigate the role of police.

The Report confirms what has been said above. The post-February Delhi riots police actions in the name of investigation clealy show that the demand of justice is a crime now and judiciary also follows this new law. What I want to emphasize here is again the symptom of a winning fascism that sees no fear in whatever it does.

The Report says in its introduction – ‘The report is fairly comprehensive and even-handed but due to the non-cooperation of Delhi Police, the fact-finding committee could not present a more comprehensive and incisive report’ (italics added). The open admission of the Minority Commission that Delhi police hasn’t co-operated is an eye opener. Isn’t it?

But, the grand question is, who cares? There is none in the state who cares or will care. Not even the judiciary. The chairman of the fact finding committee Mr M R Shamshad (who is also the advocate-on-record in the supreme court) again repeats the same thing in his foreword – ‘I must record that had the Delhi Police provided the required information, as had been requested by DMC and the fact-finding committee, the report would have been much more comprehensive.’ (italics added). After all, on whose direction or instructions is the Delhi police showing this level of temerity? Why is the Delhi police looking so invincible today that it disobeys a constitutional body like the Minority Commission and still goes scot free without any legal proceeding initiated either from the executive or from the Judiciary? In 2002, there was as Vajpayee who talked of Rajdharma to at least pretend to ‘respect’ public perceptions. There were High Hourts and a Supreme Court that were not as blind as they are today. Such an open and a high level of temerity that continues till the whole period the fact finding committee worked could not have been shown then, it was for sure.

Mentioning from Failure of the police administration in particular to protect life and property as well as Refusal/delay/obfuscation in registration of FIRs, the Report writes and explains in detail that Delhi Police during and after the riots also ‘did not exercise powers to disperse unlawful assemblies, or take measures to apprehend, arrest and detain those perpetrating violence.’ Further it says – ”in spite of the serious nature of complaints, the police did not act upon FIRs filed. In some cases police refused to register an FIR unless the complainant omitted names of the accused. The helpdesk registered complaints where accused were shown as ‘unknown’ but it was difficult to get complaints registered where serious allegations were made out such as murder, loot and arson and the accused were specifically named. Where such complaints have been diarised or sent through post or other means, there is no confirmation of their being registered as FIRs.”

During the riots, when the innocent Muslim men and women were beinh attacked, the Report writes explaining the details that show that Police were complicit and abetted the attacks. It writes – ”where police did act, victims state that police stopped their colleagues when they attempted to disperse the crowd (a senior would say, ‘do not stop them’ i.e. the crowd).. in some cases, they merely stood as onlookers while the mobs engaged in violence. In others, they explicitly gave a go-ahead to the perpetrators to continue with their rampage (a senior would sady ‘do what you want’)… a few accounts state how the police and paramilitary officials even escorted the mobs safely out of the area once the attack was over.” The Report further elaborates – ”A recent detailed report provides numerous complaints filed by residents of North East Delhi that name senior police officials as leading, participating and encouraging targeted violence against Muslims.”

But this is not the difference from what happened in Gujarat. Actual difference shines through when the Report says – “victims themselves have been arrested, especially where they filed complaints against named individuals.” That is why Muslim complainants have been found to be reluctant to visit police stations to pursue their complaints. This is simply due to fear that if they visit police stations to pursue their complaints before the investigating police office to act against those named in the FIRs filed by them, they will be falsely implicated in different cases. Even though they have not pursued, they have been arrested in hundreds from all over the riot affected areas as also from other areas such as those adjacent to Jamia. Even those, including those belonging to ‘Hindus’, who led, participated and took active part in organizing anti-NRC anti-CAA movement are being charged with conspirarcy of riots and arrested. In this case it is expected that victims who witnessed police involvement or inaction during the violence are especially averse to approach the police for any remedy. This is what the Delhi Police wanted. The message, which is distinguishable enough, is clear and above board: Even if fascists or fascist supporters kill you, engage in violence, lead attacks on your family, they won’t be held responsible or punished by the State. Today, it is largely the Muslims, tomorrow it will be Hindus, too, who will have to bear the same brunt. So make no complaints if they beat you, kill your family, unleash violence. No one will come to your rescue, rather you will be implicated with serious charges. In UP, this practice is going on in full swing. Dr. Kafeel is one best example. But he is not the only one facing this kind of indiscriminate injustice. There are hundreds or even more.

However, the message is even more pernicious than what has been said just above. What is that? The most pernicious message is that ‘if you demand or fight for justice, it means you tend to disturb and hurt the fascist government and on account of this they may unleash violence upon you for which not those who perpetrates the violence but you, who had demanded and fought for justice, will be held responsible and pay the price and no institution will come to your help.’ Isn’t it a loud proof that makes sense with the fact that fascists are now invincible in this bourgeois set up that has been captured by them internally years ago and externally after 2019 and that there remains now no check and balance mechanism in the country? It has been too late for those who think that even pre-2014 bourgeois democracy can be brought back by mounting pressures from.within the system.

Let us come bact to the fact finding committee Report. It further writes – “Almost all the North East Delhi violence-related cases that Police are investigating are based on the premise that riots were planned by anti-CAA protesters to coincide with the US President Donald Trump’s visit to India in the third week of February.” Is it true in the face of the undeniable facts according to story the Delhi Police itself has placed? Not at all. The first reference to the forthcoming Trump visit was published in India on 13 January while the alleged meeting of the “conspirators” as claimed by police itself is found to have been held on 8 January 2020! Then how come the above police claim is justified? The facts go against the police story. But, yet again, who cares? Who will care? Judiciary didn’t take note of it. On the other hand, the speech of Kapil Mishra was made on 23 February 2020. Other speeches and statements made by BJP leaders and ministers (including Amit Shah) inciting violence against anti-CAA protesters were made after 13th January 2020, the date on which the first reference to the forthcoming Trup Visit was published. But they all have been glady ignored by the Delhi police investing the case and conveniently glossed over by the courts where the police actions have been recently challenged.

Let us see another example of the open high handedness of the Delhi Police right in front of the judiciary. It occurred before the learned court and the court remains silent. This happened when the Delhi Police openly refused to disclose the names of the persons arrested/detained as stated in its status report submitted to the High Court of Delhi in the matter of Brinda Karat vs. Government of NCT of Delhi and Others (dated 17 June 2020). That it contravenes and violates Section 41C CrPC which mandates that the names and addresses of all arrested persons, along with the names and designations of arresting officers, are to be displayed on the notice board of every district Police Control Room is just one thing. What is indicative of a greater design is that the high court takes no notice of it and allows the police to act freely like this.

But this is not the end of this shameful story.

Police even didn’t respond to the queries of the fact finding committee of the Minority commission. The Report says – “The Delhi Commission for Minorities issued a notice (No. 2020/254) under Section 10(h) of the DMC Act, on 18.03.2020 requiring List of detainees since 23rd of February, 2020, Police station-wise copies of FIRs and Complaints not converted into FIRs.” But as can be expected the fact finding committee received no response whatsoever from the Delhi Police and none took care of the helpless Commission. The Report says – ”The Commission received no response to this till compilation of this report.”

The Commission sent another letter (ref. 2020/259 dated 18 March 2020) raising concerns over arrests by Delhi Police being done arbitrarily, based on media reports and complaints being received by the Commission. The DCP North East, Delhi Police, vide letter dated  13 April 2020, denied the allegations, giving no details, and stated that arrests were being done according to procedure and investigation was being conducted fairly and impartially. And so he conveniently denied give the list to the fact finding committee for scrutiny! Strange as it is, it is clear that the police is acting above everything and quite arrogantly without any fear. But, let us continue with the report. This is not the end.

The Fact Finding Committee therefore decided to directly approach and even meet the top most brass of Delhi Police. The copy of the e-mail sent to DCP north-east Delhi was also sent to the Commissioner of Police, Delhi on 11.06.2020 seeking the information of all the charge sheets filed till date and seeking an appointment at the earliest possible convenient dates. The Fact-Finding Committee also attached a detailed list of information that it required from the police in the previous days. In this connection, the reports says – ”Up to the date of completion of this report, the fact-finding Committee has not received any response from the Delhi Police.” Yet again, who cares for the poor Commision? Finally the Committee had to ‘collect copies of various FIRs from the victims who were willing to share them with us. However, many of them ‘preferred not to share the FIRs due to fear of reprisals.’ The message is clearly written on the wall, even if we may not be interested  to read it. Indian state has turned fascist. Yet it is different from the German type. It means it is even murkier. 

Will those in jails will be there till the fascists are ousted? Perhaps yes.

With the latest round of public outcry over the demand for the release of seriously ailing Varvara Rao, a revolutionary poet of world wide repute, and its subsequent failure in securing his release even on bail, a serious inner thought is boiling in the minds of all of us. Will those Progressive, revolutionary, liberal and even democratic minded Intellectuals, advocates and human right activists have to languish in jails now for ever, even without a trial? The most obviously possible answer is yes. Possibly yes. Booked as they are new (amended) UAPA, there is only one way that they can be released or acquitted i.e. only if the government itself so wants and allows him to get released or acwuittec There is possibly no other way. 

So, from here also does come a clear message. The kind of apathy is telling of the fascistic nature of the state. The state machinery recently dealt with little sympathy and concern the question of release of Varvara Rao even on severe health issues. The public outcry for the release of 90 percent disable professor Sain Baba had met the same fate. Even quality and efficient medical attention by the State, in case of Varbara Rao,  was  ensured when a public outcry was made. It clearly tells that the bourgeois state has been restructured on fascist line with little and no concern for the life of progressive intellectuals. That Sudha bhardwaj had turned town an offer of being a high court judge has no moral effect on the fascists. And this

is natural. The recent happenings of Suo Moto contempt case against noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan is also too open a message to hide this restructuring. Under these conditions, the hope of release of intellectuals and human rights activists including Anand Teltumde, a reputed Dalit intellectual, is almost nil. Even the Rajasthan affair is telling that the law protectors themselves would now have no respect for law. Disrespect for law is the new law. With the whole machinery under control who from the bourgeois camp will fight against ‘disrespect of law’?  Even the Supreme Court is not respecting its own earlier verdicts. The Supreme Court doing justice looks occasionally like an aberration now. But then the executive is not bothered for such small aberrations here and there. The best way to deal with such aberrations as invented by the Modi government is the way of not heeding to them in case they are challenging in any way or if necessary, they would take recourse to the sealed envelope model of justice brought in vogue by the last CJI. The government or the executive will send a report of its compliance in a sealed envelope and the court will accept it. No fuss and ‘justice’ is also delivered. And mind it, this is not a mere assumption. It is happening. And don’t forget, the courts, even the Supreme Court once, are suggested not to ‘err’ by giving decision that ‘people’ cannot agree and implement. Over the time, the courts have understood the advice and have decided better not to ‘err’.

Fascism has thus taken control of almost everything in this country. Majority of inner structures of bourgeois democracy i.e. pillars of democracy as they are called, have either crumbled or captured and their shapes remolded to suit the fascists. Now only a revolution can rescue it now. And any revolution worth its name, the one which is truly a people’s revolution, decisively led as it will be by the proletariat and the toilers, will not just rescue just the bourgeoisie democracy, it will also rescue democracy from the shackles of the bourgeoisie, too. The revolution that will overthrow the fascists crushing them completely will make the society free of all the old vestiges of all the previous exploitative systems and muck of ages so that fascist is defeated once and for ever. This will bring us to usher in a completely new age, a new society led by the  proletariat. Sooner or later, only this is going to be the ultimate fate in case the society, and for that sake, the whole of humanity wants to rescue itself from the clutches of fascism. Down with fascism! Down with the rule of the big bourgeoisie!

Originally published in The Truth: Platform for Radical Voices of The Working Class (Issue 4/ August ’20)

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