[Ground Report] Protest Meeting Against Newsclick Raids

Patna, 15th February 2021

Against the arbitrary raids of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) at the offices of NewsClick.in and its Editor in Chief’s house, as well as against the fascist attacks to dismantle the pro-people (mainly online) media, a protest meeting was organized in Patna.

An initiative of ‘Janshakti’ weekly newspaper, the meeting was held in ‘Janshakti’ Bhawan at Adalatganj, and was attended by the various journalists, writers, and social, cultural and political activists, as well as editors of various pro-people and progressive publications and media portals including ‘The Truth’ and ‘Yatharth’ monthly magazines.

All speakers unitedly condemned the raids as an attack on free press and media. The meeting was presided over by Abhay Singh (senior journalist, The Times of India) and was moderated by cultural activist Jaiprakash. The speakers were: Rakesh Raj (filmmaker), Ramnaresh Pandey (CPI Bihar Secretary), Ali Anwar (former MP and journalist of Janshakti), Preeti Sinha (Editor, Filhaal), Priyaranjan (senior journalist, Janshakti), Amarnath Jha (senior journalist), Gopal Krishna, Irshad Ul Haq (naukarshahi.com), Dr. Ranjit (ETV Bharat), Satish Kumar (Mazdoor Patrika), Ashish Jha (Amar Ujala), Ajay Kumar Sinha (The Truth and Yatharth), Vidyasagar (Moderator, Live India News), Vivek (Aahwan), Arun Mishra (CPM), Ravindranath Rai (Editor, Maitri Shanti), Amar Kumar (Shramjeevi Patrkaar Union).

To read full report on Newsclick Hindi by Anish Ankur, click here.

[Originally published in The Truth: Platform for Radical Voices of The Working Class (Issue 11 / March 2021)]

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