Join the Nationwide General Strike on 26 November 2020! [Campaign Drive / Bardhaman, West Bengal]

Beyond symbolism, take part in a decisive struggle against Capitalism! Roll back anti-worker labour codes and rapid privatization policy! पूंजीवादी व्यवस्था के खिलाफ निर्णायक संघर्ष में शामिल हो! मजदूर-विरोधी श्रम कोड और तीव्र निजीकरण नीति वापस लो!

/ 19 Nov 2020, Postering in Jamuria Industrial Area

/ Bardhaman district areas viz. North Jambad, Pure Jambad, Parasea Colliery, Haripur etc.
~ IFTU (Sarwahara)
~ Lal Jhanda Majdoor Union (Samanvay Samiti)

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