Protest Meet Against Anti-People Policies at Haripur, W. Bengal on Bhagat Singh’s Birthday [PDYF-IFTU S]

Red salute to comrade Bhagat Singh on his 113th birthday! Haripur, Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal28 Sep 2020 Protest demonstration organized on the occassion of Bhagat Singh's birthday, against anti-people and fascist policies of the government, that is, 4 labour codes to replace 44 labour laws, National Education Policy 2020, 3 pro-corporate farmer bills, rampamt privatization,... Continue Reading →


Prasad V // 113th birth anniversary of Bhagat Singh (Sept 28), the great revolutionary fighter of Indian freedom struggle is falling at a time when different ideological groups including the extreme right-wing RSS is trying to claim and usurp his legacy. The popularity and respect he got in the Indian psyche is evident from that.... Continue Reading →

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