Distribution of labour cards made through the Nirman Mazdoor Sangharsh Union’s struggle (Patna, Bihar)

After a long struggle against corruption and bureaucratic delays ingrained in the labour card process, IFTUS affiliated 'Nirman Mazdoor Sangharsh Union' succeeded in creation of labour cards for hundreds of our workers as per the rules without a single penny being taken as commission or bribe. The newly issued labour cards were distributed among workers... Continue Reading →

SSK’s onwards march in Mayapuri, Delhi

14 March 2021 Mayapuri Industrial Area Committee, Shramik Sahyog Kendra On the memorial day of Karl Marx, the greatest teacher of world proletariat, mass meetings were held at District Park and Machhi Market of Mayapuri Industrial Area. The mass meetings focused on the need to unionize and organize, the future tasks of SSK (i.e. planning... Continue Reading →

IFTU Sarwahara (MASA) at Tikri Border

13 March 2021: On the appeal of BKU (Ekta Ugrahan) to workers organizations and trade unions to come on its stage for a day and present their views on the farmers movement in order to display workers-farmers unity, various organisations of MASA and other unions including IFTUS assembled at BKU EU's stage at Tikri Border... Continue Reading →

Protest Demonstrations across Patna against Pro-corporate Budget

Pro-corporate Budget, other sections would bear the brunt! Protest demonstrations and open discussions against the Pro-corporate budget were held across Patna including labour chowks, worker colonies, LIC offices, railway stations in the areas of Kankarbagh, Kanauji-Kachhuara Panchayat, Danapur, Punpun among others. The fornightly bulletin of IFTU (Sarwahara) 'Sarwahara' was also distributed among the masses. /... Continue Reading →

International Women Workers Day (8 March)

Delhi Shramik Sahyog Kendra [IFTU (Sarwahara)] Discussion on 'Origin of Family, Private Property and State' among workers in Mayapuri Industrial Area. Patna, BiharVimukta - Stree Mukti SangathanMahila Kamgar Sangharsh Union [IFTU (Sarwahara)] Liberation of women, farmers, workers and all other sections is possible only beyond the horizon of capitalism!With this call, a march and mass... Continue Reading →

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