The Peasant Question in Marxism-Leninism

Shekhar // The peasant question has always been a very important question in Marxism-Leninism since the very inception of Marxism. For Marx, it never lost his attention except for a short period here and there. After the Communist Manifesto, during which it went into the background for some time, it jumped to the forefront in... Continue Reading →

Wistron: Spontaneous Revolt of Angry Workers

M Aseem // Angered by unpaid and delayed wages, 12 hour long working hours, deprived of breaks, unpaid work on holidays, cheating in marking of attendance to deduct wages and many such problems, several thousand workers of Wistron Infotech, an Apple manufacturing unit in Bengaluru, started a protest in the morning of 12th December. As... Continue Reading →

Fascism & Rising Violence Against Women

V Prajapati // Rising violence and oppression against women, both in rate and intensity, is intricately connected to Fascism. A better understanding of the dynamics of their relationship can be developed by delving into the meaning of ‘fascism’ and the violence it is capable of unleashing over the masses. Georgi Dimitrov defined Fascism, a product... Continue Reading →

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