Scientific Socialism (Political Commentary)

‘Scientific Socialism: PRC’s Theoretical & Political Weekly Commentary on Current Issues’ is an initiative to provide for its readers a revolutionary perspective to the events taking place across the globe and particularly in India. With this weekly commentary we seek to launch a campaign to expose the atrocious acts of the capitalist order, thereby providing a direction to the revolutionary forces along with the class-conscious proletariat, which serves to further our task as those of the vanguard of the proletariat.

The tone of the commentary has been set as such that it appeals to the masses, yet it does not shy away from drawing the obvious conclusions by concretely analyzing the concrete situations. The articles have been submitted by various writers but are centrally approved by the Editorial Board and the complete responsibility regarding the content lies on the Editorial Board only. Hence, it has decided to not publish the names of the writers. However, they will be kept for the maintenance of record.

‘Scientific Socialism: PRC’s Theoretical & Political Weekly Commentary on Current Issues’ aims at providing a revolutionary insight on the issues arising due to the seemingly permanent and structural crisis of world capitalism, causing an authoritarian and fascist shift in the regimes all across the world. With the abovementioned crisis deepening consistently, capitalism, ill-fated to become anachronistic, becomes even more inhumane with each passing day. Hence, the task set in front of the revolutionary forces is to accelerate this process and pave way for a revolutionary upheaval of the present order based on inequality and exploitation.
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Issue 1 – 15-21 April ’20
Issue 2 – 7-14 May ’20

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