The Truth (monthly)

Truth is the most potent weapon of working class, its most powerful propagandist and agitator. However, freedom to debate and criticize forms the pre-requisite for truth to emerge. The Truth, therefore, is not an attempt to create another moated and fortified silo but an endeavour to create and build a platform for all the worthy sections and individuals of the movement to engage freely in the debate and polemics on working-class’ tasks ahead and the strategy and tactics required for the purpose, of course, within our logistical constraints, like length, deadlines, etc.

This endeavor will only succeed through your active participation and your valuable feedback, suggestions, contributions, letters to editor, etc. are invited at

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Issue 1 – May 2020
Issue 2 – June 2020
Issue 3 – July 2020
Issue 4 – August 2020

Issue 5 – September 2020
Issue 6 – October 2020
Issue 7 – November 2020

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